Our Services: Learning Technology

Our success is rooted in a diverse ecosystem of technology partnerships, spanning Gamified Learning Management System, Learning Experience Platform, AI, Digital Adoption Platform, Virtual Reality, demonstrating our capability to revolutionise workforce training across various sectors and roles. 

Learning Technology

Streamline your digital learning technology stack with us!

Collaborating with leading technology partners, we offer a comprehensive toolkit that includes Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), HRIS, Gamified Learning Management Systems (LMS), Spatial Computing, Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR). 


Our unique approach unites these technologies under one roof, providing a powerful, integrated solution to digitise and enhance your workforce.


Certified WalkMe Partner

WalkMe is the leading digital adoption platform (DAP) which  overlays on any application, identifying where workflows break and providing personalised guidance and automation to help your people get the job done. 


As certified WalkMe partners, we adopt a data-driven approach to change management and digital adoption, leveraging WalkMe’s robust analytics.


This collaboration allows us to guide your organisation through digital transitions with precision, enhancing adoption rates and minimising resistance through insightful data.


2024 State of Digital Adoption Report 

WalkMe’s 2024 State of Digital Adoption report brought to you by Digital Learning Partners, reveals a worrying disconnect with enterprises losing an alarming $1.14 million per week in diminished productivity.


Other Insights from the Report:

  • 353 hours wasted per employee on poor digital experiences annually
  • 38% wasted digital transformation investments due to lack of adoption
  • 42% of employees resent enterprise software for how difficult it is to use
  • 70% of enterprises lack full visibility into application adoption

ELMO HR Solutions

HR Platform for small to large organisations to effortlessly manage employees from hiring to retiring!


HR Solutions include: 
  • HR Core: Centralise and automate your people management in one place
  • Learning Management: Build a culture of learning and develop your people with eLearning
  • Onboarding: Start your new employee’s journey with a personalised onboarding experience
  • Performance Management: Empower your teams to achieve their goals and thrive
  • Payroll: Navigate the complexities of pay with secure and accurate payroll
  • Recruitment: Find and hire the right talent for your business

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