Our Services: Digital Adoption

Our holistic strategy integrates change management, bespoke training, and advanced analytics, ensuring seamless adoption across diverse software and industries, paving the way for unparalleled digital excellence.

Digital Adoption

Why Choose Us

  • Comprehensive Strategy: Our holistic approach unifies change management, training, and advanced analytics, ensuring your digital transition is seamless 

  • Bespoke Learning Experiences: Custom-designed training integrates smoothly with your workflows, making new systems intuitive. From interactive walkthroughs to how-to-videos, FAQs to role-based hands-on workshops, we ensure software proficiency and confident users

  • Seamless Technology Adoption: Powered by WalkMe, our solution facilitates effortless adaptation to new technologies, guaranteeing continuous improvement and keeping your team agile and informed without disruption


Client Testimonial 

‘The work ethic, willingness to take on feedback, & flexibility to absorb course corrections ensured we delivered with exemplary quality that were rated as meeting or exceeding expectations by 95% of participants globally. Thank you for your contribution.’ Change Director, Macquarie Bank 


Certified WalkMe Partner

WalkMe is the leading digital adoption platform (DAP) which  overlays on any application, identifying where workflows break and providing personalised guidance and automation to help your people get the job done. 


As certified WalkMe partners, we adopt a data-driven approach to change management and digital adoption, leveraging WalkMe’s robust analytics.


This collaboration allows us to guide your organisation through digital transitions with precision, enhancing adoption rates and minimising resistance through insightful data.


2024 State of Digital Adoption Report 

WalkMe’s 2024 State of Digital Adoption report brought to you by Digital Learning Partners, reveals a worrying disconnect with enterprises losing an alarming $1.14 million per week in diminished productivity.


Other Insights from the Report:

  • 353 hours wasted per employee on poor digital experiences annually
  • 38% wasted digital transformation investments due to lack of adoption
  • 42% of employees resent enterprise software for how difficult it is to use
  • 70% of enterprises lack full visibility into application adoption

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